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What You Need When You’ve Thrown in the Towel – A Miracle Worker!

Matt trains both parents and their pups – this is essential — you lead and they follow. He gives you the bare essentials to raise a healthy well-balanced dog and as Matt says “enjoy your dog rather than have to deal with him.” If you don’t know what to do anymore, you’ve tried everything, call Matt, cause he will turn it all around within hours. Within those few hours, our 1yr old miniature schnauzer, Zen, seemed like a new puppy. Now we can leave the house on a walk with confidence instead of hiding from the world to avoid loud, embarrassing barking and resource guarding! Thank you, Matt!

Simone and Lauren F

Aggressive rescue towards other dogs

I rescued a shar pei to our home. Most beautiful guy! Loves ALL people but soon learned that he did not like other dogs. I had a vet at Scottsdale Animal Medical and was boarding him there while out of town.. I was always concerned going into the facility with other dogs and was cautious, even calling before bringing him in. He had been there for a year and they had a change over with staff. Long story short they lost control of him while bring him to the kennel. Unfortunately my dog attacked another dog at the vet. Both dogs were ok, however the facility would no longer board or see my rescue. It was very stressful and sad. I researched and found Matt online…What a miracle! We had stopped walking him due to his behavior around other dogs and were heartbroken that a faculty run by vets would just dump him. In one session the change was unbelievable!! I can now walk my dog with Alpha confidence and know in the future we will have a quality life with our rescue! I would highly recommended Matt to anyone! The change even over night is unbelievable! We’ve saved a rescue and have a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you Matt! Sincerely the Borzone Family!!

Nicole B.

Awesome experience

Matt was recommended by my husband’s coworker and she called him the dog whisperer! I was kind of skeptical at first thinking like how can he just work with a dog for a short period of time and get them to obey. Well I was completely in shock how he DID it my dogs responded so well and he was able to teach my 5 month old golden/lab to sit stay down come and to not jump on the counter in a matter of hours and it’s still working. With his knowledge it’s helped me more assertive towards my dogs. ! Thank you for changing our pups and my kids loved helping with the training you made it very easy for them to follow along!!

Danielle P

4 month old puppy

Matt came over and changed the way my puppy Shelby lives. From a playful jumping and only know the command “sit”. In a few hours he had Shelby on a leash staying on place for hours at a time, walks by my side with and without leash and keeps eye contact, and many other commands. Very helpful would recommend Matt to any one with a dog that is obeying or not.

Justin G


After 1 day, our crazy Romeo is going to his place without a leash and just on command. It is crazy how Matt changed our world in 2 hours. We’ve got a ways to go but now have the tools and knowledge we need to make our family pet an enjoyable member of our family rather than a risk factor.
Thank you Matt (and our friends who recommended!)

Alissa B


Matt was so instrumental in the balance that we see with our pit bull mix rescue dog. At 10 months old we knew we wanted to start out on the right foot with her so that she had manners among other things. Matt spent three hours at our home but it did not end there. Each and every time I had a question, doubt, etc. he was there by phone or email. Not only have we seen incredible results with Leia, but it also gave my daughters (ages 12 and 9) the confidence and ability to also work with her. He also personally called to tell us how proud he was of all of us when we updated him on Leia’s progress. Leia is doing amazing and is very well balanced and is now able to start therapy dog training because of her solid foundation that Matt helped us with. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Matt for years to come. Thank you Matt!

Tonja H.


Audrey is a 4 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix, 2 hours after Matt left my house, I texted him the following and felt the need to share it with all of you here on his website. He is wonderful and his methods work…

“I just took her out in the backyard and she went potty and came inside while listening beautifully!!! She wanted to get on the couch, but I didn’t let her. Instead, I took her to her bed and said “place” and she laid down and is happy there. I was even able to walk to the kitchen to get something from the counter and she stayed put. I’m shocked by such a quick transformation!!! ?Thank you for everything today!!!“

Corri M


Matt is amazing! As first time puppy parents to Zoe, we had no clue what we were doing and struggling with everything! One session with Matt is all it took to get back on the right track towards a well-behaved, well-mannered, house trained pup. Matt did such a great job educating us on how to build a better, healthier relationship with Zoe and we could see a difference in her behavior and demeanor immediately. We feel empowered and are much less frustrated. THANK YOU, Matt for the time you spent with us, and for your continued support even after our training!

Kris Y


Matt was absolutely amazing!!! It took him no time before Jeffrey was submissive and on command. I would recommend Matt to everyone who has an out of control dog. I now have been given the tools needed for an obedient dog. Thank you Matt!!

Ashlea F.

Excels in educating the owner

Matt is not only a great trainer of dogs, he excels in educating the owner.  I have personally seen him spend only 15 minutes and improve the quality of behavior expectations in all kind of dogs; large 175 lb. Irish wolfhound, and 9 lb. yippy Yorkie.  If it wasn’t so cliché, he is truly a dog whisperer.  His understanding of dog behavior is the basis of his teaching and training.  His mild manner is easy to understand and implement.  If you have ANY dog behavior problems I would highly recommend Matt.  After only a few minutes, you will be sold on his unique talent.

Gloria S.

Trainer for years

Matt has been our trainer for years.  He has taught us to be calm pack leaders and helped our Boomer to understand his place in the family. We have a happy lovable dog and harmony in our home.

Susan S.

Couldn’t be more pleased

What can we say. After 50 years of having all breeds of dogs from mutts to Dobermans to Great Danes we thought we knew it all. Two years ago we lost our Irish Wolfhound and immediately replaced him with another Wolfie (this time a female). LoLa Pearl is the most wonderful dog and loves both people and all animals as well. She loves them both so much that she has a tendency to lunge when she sees someone approaching to love on them. Matt happens to be our neighbor and offered to help. After only one session she is a new dog. We work with her every day practicing what we learned from Matt. We couldn’t be more pleased and grateful!

Alan & Laurie S.

Whiskers was a different dog

My Vet provided Mr.  Matt Small’s name as a dog trainer.  I adopted Whiskers, a six year old neglected mixed breed, dog  from a shelter.Whiskers is very intelligent but  barked a lot, and needed basic refresher training:  an open door meant escape , did not like a collar placed over her head and basic commands.  Mr. Small’s first visit was on December 2nd and  there were  two more visits. I am a senior Citizen and have had dogs all my life ( and I am retired Law Enforcement) .  I have tried dog trainers in the past, with very mixed results.   I also realize that most of dog training is training the human.  Mr Small  was excellent.  After the three visits, Whiskers was  a different dog.  Barking was much less, the door became a barrier not an invitation to leave and basic training  was  working.  I recommend  Mr. Small for dog and Human training.

Pete H.

His Philosophy and Rationale made sense

My girlfriend Emily and I rescued Sasha, a three and a half year old pit bull / sharpei mix the second weekend of December. We knew that with a rescue dog there would certainly be challenges, but we did not know what kind laid ahead. The first thing we noticed was she was full of energy, and very loving. She was always jumping up on us and our friends. On walks she was ahead of us and pulling us the direction she wanted to go. Putting her in a crate was nearly impossible, as she’d immediately whine and bark. She didn’t respond to commands other than sit, and only when she wanted to. Oh, and if the door were open, forget it. She’s gone. We are lucky in the sense that she is not territorial and never has growled or become aggressive toward any person, but she cannot be around other dogs (we fear she was attacked or mistreated in her younger days). We were referred to Matt through the daycare service we use for Sasha. He told us he wasn’t a traditional trainer, but his philosophy and rationale made sense to us. He spent about three hours with us on a Saturday afternoon, going through everything from basic commands, proper walking, crating, and feeding. Essentially, in Matt’s words, we taught Sasha manners and the things she’s never been taught before. We have been able to unlock her intelligence and make it better for not just us, but for her. He teaches you corrections to help your dog, the way to use them, and more importantly why he does what he does. The journey is nowhere near complete, but it’s a complete 180 from where we were before Matt walked through our door. He’s calm, patient, and thorough. He gives you the opportunity to not only learn his methods and make them work, but to learn about your and your daily lives and how you want to live with your dog. We look forward to continuing to work with him, and cannot express enough how thankful we are to have been introduced to him. If you’re looking for somewhere to turn with your dog, he’s your answer.

Matt H.

We became the Alphas

Our three year old Havanese was becoming difficult to take on walks. He would lunge at cyclists, runners, and show aggressive behavior towards other dogs. As snowbirds renting a condo in Phoenix, we knew he’d bark if we left him alone in the condo. He did well at the daycare we’d use if we were going to be gone for the day. I shared our concerns with Jessie at Doggie Suites and she gave me Matt’s card. He came to our condo and spent an afternoon working with us and our dog. We became the Alphas in the household and with practice and consistency we changed the dynamics of our household. Two cyclists said “great dog” as Jack ignored them riding by us. One struggling dog walker commented on Jack’s model behavior. We couldn’t be more pleased and happy about the help Matt gave us. Our winter in Arizona has improved greatly.” We mean every word of this and more!

Susan & Keith R.

I have the tools

Matt was so helpful and methodical in teaching me how to properly communicate with my 5 month old puppy! I’m so much more relaxed knowing I have the tools and know how to help me and my puppy have a well balanced and enjoyable home and life together! I highly recommend Desert Covek9!

Kaitlyn S.

Tremendous Improvement

After just a 2 hour session with Matt, we have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in both of our dogs behavior….For the life of us, we couldn’t manage to get our little Nina [15 month Pom chi] to come when leaving the dog park…We literally would need the assistance of 3 or 4 bystanders to capture her…It’s been a week since our training session with Matt, and we are happy to report  5 out of 7 exits of the dog park, have been a success…The only reason for the 2 failures was us not  adhering to the procedure Matt taught us…Each day we have overall improvement with our dogs which includes, walking by our side, not in front, no more unnecessary barking and just an overall calmness in both of our dogs and in our home….Truly  amazing !!! I would definitely say Matt teaching us how to understand our furry little friends and vise versa, is and the greatest gift one can give to enhance the lifetime with your dog….

Christy & Jake

She was a Different dog

Riley, my maltipoo, absolutely loves Matt! He has a strong and confident demeanor that makes her follow and listen to his commands. After one hour she was a different dog. We are looking forward to more sessions with our favorite trainer!

Jessica W.

Going soooo well

Hey Matt, it’s been going soooo well.  Like 2 different dogs.  Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help.

Sam and Michelle F.

Absolutely Amazing

Matt is absolutely amazing, he exceeded any expectations I had when I first called. He used calm, assertive energy, patience and gentle direction with Sasha (1yo mini labradoodle) . He took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. Within 10 mins of him being at my house, I had a different puppy and felt that she respected me as the alpha. He followed up with me a few days later and answered any questions I had. I would and have recommended him to everyone. Matt, thank you for giving me the tools I needed.

Nicole S.

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